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Both the CleanSAFE training video and kit are provided FREE by Abell Pest Control.

After submitting your request, we will send you an email that will provide you with a link to YouTube where you will find the full length version of this video.

If you requested a kit, we will contact you within 24 business hours to complete your mailing information.

CleanSAFE Kitchen Kit:

The CleanSAFE kitchen kit includes a wide variety of information to help kitchens stay pest free.

Inside the kit, you will find:

  1. DVD - The DVD has two sections:
    • The first section discusses the benefits of a CleanSAFE kitchen and how to incorporate this into your kitchen
    • The second section outlines the top 10 problematic areas in a kitchen and how to properly clean these areas to reduce pest activity

  2. Cleaning Plan
  3. This should be posted in your kitchen where all employees can see so that they know their cleaning responsibilities for day, week or month.

  4. Instruction overview
  5. These are the written instructions shown in the video and can be shared with all employees

  6. Cleaning with Bioremediation Brochure
  7. Having problems with pests around your sink / floor drains. Take a look at this brochure to see how cleaning with bioremediation can help.